The 4th Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference Introduction

The 4th Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (The 4th GEIC) is an international conference co-hosted by Jilin University, Nankai University, Israel Ben-Gurion University, Duisburg-Essen University, Amsterdam Business School, Tianjin Federation of Social Science and Tianjin Federation of Industry & Commerce. The purpose of the conference is to study and promote the development and cooperation of the global innovation economy. The conference has been already held for three consecutive times in Jilin University in China and Ben-Gurion University in Israel and has been a success. The conference has been recognized by the international community for its outstanding achievements in promoting international academic exchanges and university-industry cooperation. Former Israeli President Peres addresses at the Third Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, and having great expectation for international co-operation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship between China and Israel.

The 4th GEIC will be held in Nankai University from May 20th to 21st, 2017. The topic of the 4th GEIC is “Shaping the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Oriented New Economy”. The conference will be held for two days, the International Academic Conference on the first day, and Collaborative Innovation Forum on the second day. The conference co-organized by Collaborative Innovation Center for China Economy of Nankai University, Binhai Development Research Institute of Nankai University, Research Center of Entrepreneurial of Nankai University, Nankai Institute Of Economics, China and Israel Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

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