On the Application of Supernormal Knowledge in Original Innovation

On the Application of Supernormal Knowledge in Original Innovation

Fang Zhulan, School of Economics, Renmin University of China

AbstractSeen from the dynamic process of global innovation, the basic process of original subversive innovation can be summarized as follows: intuitive breakthrough innovation - interpretative innovation - inferential innovation - diffusive innovation. Original subversive innovation economy mainly depends on supernormal tacit knowledge, the knowledge that is difficult to be transferred to another person by writing it down or verbalizing it and that features inpiduality, implicitness, ambiguity, trial-and-error, vulnerability, and future. Viewed from the temporal state of the original innovation process, supernormal tacit knowledge is developed from inpiduals with original innovation at the stage of intuitive innovation; it is transferred to be integrated with the community-based knowledge from inpiduals at the stage of interpretative innovation; the community-based supernormal tacit knowledge is further manifested as supernormal social explicit knowledge at the stage of logical reasoning innovation; and the supernormal explicit knowledge is gradually turned into new implicit conventional knowledge and, in particular, conventional tacit knowledge. The conventional tacit knowledge will give birth to new supernormal tacit knowledge which stimulates new original innovation.

Keywords: original innovation process intuitive innovation supernormal tacit knowledge

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